Make Simple Choice

It’s not easy to make simple choice. Even for us who may have grown up. Making choices is one of the most important things in life. Based on this, it’s good we get used to train our children to make choices.

Fix it or buy a new one, Make a Choice !
Make Simple Choice
Make Simple Choice

The child’s bicycle brake is broken. I asked him what he would do with his broken bike brakes. To make it easier, I give him a choice:

  1. Leave it alone.
  2. Buy a new one.
  3. Fix it first.

His first choice was “Just leave it alone”. Ok … I try to appreciate his choice, but still give consideration, if the brake is left damaged, then he will have problems if it has to stop suddenly. He replied: “Take it easy, I’ll use my legs to keep the wheel going so the bike can stop.”

A few days later, he returned home after playing with a drenched shirt. What happened I asked? “I plunged into the river, I could not control my bike because when a sudden turn there was a cat passed, because the brake is damaged and I can not control the bike, my results are plunged into the river”.

Due to the incident, he learned how important the brakes are functioning properly while riding a bicycle. Then he asked if his brake was replaced by a new one? I asked back, “Try to fix it first, if it can not be fixed, let’s buy a new brake”.

From the above daily events, I hope he can learn:

  1. Make a choice and be responsible for its choice.
  2. Something damaged must be repaired immediately so as not to cause unwanted problems later on.

As adults, our children will face more complicated issues from the above. By often training the child to make choices and making decisions, I hope this can be his provision in the future to face the problems of his life.


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