Our Child’s Energy

No need to explain again, where the world of children is now very much different from our world when we were children. Where children now prefer to interact with their gadgets rather than socialize with the lives around them. Our Child’s energy must be burn for positive activities.

Is it wrong ? I think it’s normal, this is the world of children now, no need to fight it. Accept it as a change. However, as parents still have to be on the side, in front and behind the child to guide them.

Manage Our Child’s Energy
Our child's energy
Our child’s energy

Research has proved too much silence is not good also for health. Therefore, looking for activities outside the gadget that can burn our child’s energy. It does not need to be expensive, the important thigs our kids love the activity.

Child's Energy
Child’s Energy

Very simply, he likes, he will do the activity with pleasure without coercion. Never force them to do something they do not like. If it is done, then the goal that children can expend their energy will not be achieved.

Do it Together, Burn Our Child’s Energy
Do It Togheter
Do It Togheter

Our child’s are our prototype. We as parents are the best teachers. They will easily imitate whatever we do without being ordered. So give an example then 80% of our children will imitate it.

Admitted or not, we have full hope that in the future, our children can have life and success. But do not burden them, let them make choices. Once again our task is to accompany in front, beside and behind, that’s it.

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