A Better Life Not Sure Welcomed

Get broadcast from a friend, quoted from Prof. Rhenald Kasali on “A Better Life Not Sure Welcomed”. The study is quite interesting considering there is a time difference between me and my children.

A Better Life Not Sure Welcomed
A Better Life Not Sure Welcomed

Is A Better Life Not Sure Welcomed

Perhaps this is the age of the most perplexing two-generation meeting in history. This is not about paper generation versus digital generation alone. It’s a matter of where our world lies, so the economy is changing direction and many are bankrupt. It’s also not about economic policy, it’s about technology that changes the platform of life, economy and life.

I call it shifting, but most of the “old” economists call it a recession, a weakening of purchasing power and so on. I call what the Nadiem Makarim generation did as innovation, even disruption. But the “old” managers, say they “burn money.” They say small online retail, but our kids say “big” ..

I said they have a “business model,” but the regulator says it’s a predatory industry. So the regulation also sided into the past.

Day is getting dark when one by one conventional business falling, but I have not seen the old sincere receive this shifting process. Admitting yet, blame goes on, but old efforts are going to fall.

From Sea Fleet to retail and bank

Three years ago we read about the commotion in the taxi service industry. Here began a battle between motorcycle taxi vs. Duck. Then between public transport drivers with Gojek. Followed by taxi driver demo against online taxi.

Last year, the victims were sea and hotel shuttles. Korean shipbuilder (Hanjin) asks for bankruptcy protection. Then followed by Maersk and Hyundai. After that Rickmers Group (Germany), Sinopacific Dayang, Wenzhou Shipping and Zhejiang (China). The number of vessels needed by world trade has changed following the use of telecommunications and new applications that are all tracking and changing patterns of global industry laying.

After that this year we see four industries: children’s toys, retail, banking and certain industries. Level of competition increases, and certain entrants enter with new platforms. Indonesia’s toy industry complains that its sales drop 30%, because it still relies on plastic-made toys. Never mind the children’s toys like that, Barbie dolls were also affected. Even Toy ‘R’ Us in America filed for bankruptcy.

While the conventional toys industry is difficult, the online game manufacturing industry in Indonesia is growing rapidly. Allegedly its turnover reached USD 10 million.

We also read one by one retail in Indonesia closed outlet. Lastly Debenhams and Lotus. But first, it’s not just happening here. In the USA, this year alone has 1430 Radio Shack’s closed stores, and 808 outlets owned by Payless shoe stores, 238 Kmart outlets, 160 Crocs stores (shoes), 138 JC Penny outlets, 98 Sears, 68 Macy’s, 70 CVS outlets, 154 shop for Walmart, 128 outlets of Michael Kors and so on.

Disaster or opportunity

Shifting is certainly different from the crisis or recession that is more viewed as a very heartbreaking disaster. Shifting can be likened you are playing eo ‘balloon. Still remember a balloon consisting of two and connected. If one is pressed, the wind will move into a big balloon

Yes like that. The wind shifted, then there was a shock because it was pinched and the space was empty. Human beings will behave in a manner like Who Moved My Cheese. His man back and forth back to the same place and yelled angrily: Restore my cheese! Revert! Duh, who stole it? Who moved it?

In fact, according to Ken Blanchard & Johnson who wrote the parable, cheese is a symbol of anything that brings happiness. It can be a cake, a job, a lover, a fortune, a company, or even a skill. And everything is not eternal, can be moved or moved “to another place”.

And in the story is mentioned there are two rats who always work and look for “cheese” it to another place. You who have “Shio” rats may have the same behavior: Can not stay in place. Well, both of them found it. Apparently elsewhere there are other cheeses that are equally delicious and much larger.

They accused the recession or purchasing power is like “human” earlier. Can not see cheese that has moved elsewhere. He just earn a fortune in the same place. Recession or weak purchasing power, if balloon, it is like a balloon that deflate or if the crisis, the balloon broke.

And please note we have just been in front of the gate of Disruptions. I hope you have read the book. In the process of disruption, technology is turning off distance and making all middlemen lose their roles. As a result, the margins of 20-40% that distributors (wholesalers and retailers) are currently handing over to the digital marketplace (± 5%), such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, OLX, and consumers. Consumers also enjoy much more affordable prices.

Millennials Era

In addition, millennials are now becoming an important player in consumption. And you know, at least one of your children has become a new entrepreneur. They advertise in cyberspace like in FB and IG, and get customers there, sell there, and their actions are not monitored by regulators even their parents though.

And now we must decide, regard this phenomenon as a disaster or an opportunity

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