If It Happened

If it happened, it happens. Maybe that’s the only word that can calm me right now. This morning on November 1, 2017, as usual at 6:00 am, I went to work. There is no suspicious occurrence when going to work. The traffic lights at the fork of this road are not working because the road is being repaired. It takes patience and mutual understanding indeed, given there is nothing to regulate the traffic of the vehicle at the time.

I do not know what was on my mind at the time, I did not see the truck from the right side of the vehicle passing in front of my car. After being right in front of me, I could see the vehicle, but it was too late, though I still had time to throw the steering wheel to the right, still, the left side of my car crashed and hited the truck.

If it happened
If it happened

Never mind, If it Happened

I do not want to tell you the details of the incident, obviously I’ve hit the truck this morning, If asked chronologically, frankly I do not remember. But after the incident, there are some things that I realize and ponder.

The basic thing that is forgotten, it takes concentration when driving. At the incident, it seems I was not concentrated, the evidence when in chronological question, I can not explain in detail.

This calamity is a punishment for what I have done that is contrary to the laws of God. Unintentional sins, mistakes that are not well aware of our parents, family and people around us.

This  is the most I hope, the name of the exam, if passed it will rank up. The point is that we need to prove that what we get must be in accordance with our abilities, otherwise it will bring destruction to our lives.

It’s just writing to amuse myself for being calamitous and hopefully it will never happen to you.

Beyond that, just want to remind to always be careful, alert in the face of anything. If you can not afford it, leave it to God, let him decide.

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