Daily post prompt : Doing Bad

Unlike the previous post about doing good, here is a post about doing bad :

إن الذين يحبون أن تشيع الفاحشة في الذين آمنوا لهم عذاب أليم في الدنيا والآخرة والله يعلم وأنتم لا تعلمون 

Verily those who desire that the abominable acts (news lie) spread among the believers, they get a painful punishment in the world and the Hereafter. And Allah knows, while you do not know. * (An-Nur: 19). 

? From Abu Hurairah r.a. from the Prophet s.a.w., his saying: “There is no servant who covereth the wrath of any other servant of the world, but he will be covered with the woe of God on the Day of Resurrection.” (Muslim History) ?

وأنذرهم يوم الآزفة إذ القلوب لدى الحناجر كاظمين ما للظالمين من حميم ولا شفيع يطاع 

And give them a warning of the day that is near (the Day of Judgment, that is) when the heart (pushing) up in the throat for holding back sadness. No one is a loyal friend to the zhalim and there is nothing for him a helper to receive (his help). * (Ghafir: 18). 

From Abu Hurairah r.a., Rasulullah s.a.w. said: “Do you all know who is the one who loses – the bangkrup – that?” The Companions replied: “The people of our loss are those who have no more or anything.” 

He s.a.w. then said: “The losers of my people are the ones who come on the Day of Judgment by bringing the practice of prayer, fasting and charity, but his arrival was formerly – when in the world – ever berate the Anu, indict obedient to the Anu, eat the property of Anu , drain the blood of the Anu – without the foundation of truth, ever hit the Anu.So the persecuted man was given goodness of the person and the other was given his good also, if his goodness has been exhausted before pay off the dependents of the persecution, then taken from the mistakes of people the one whom he dioriyanya then charged to the person, then the person is thrown into hell. ” (Muslim History) * 

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Originally posted by Dr. Ir Trisna Priadi

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