Go Green in My Office

Go green in my office is a simple example of doing good. This week we have task from our boss to bring at least one tree each person to the office. We’ll maked our office to be a green area.

Go Green

If every one bring at least one tree, with the involvement of all employees of about 400 people our purposed to maked our office go green will achieve. Each department is required to decorate the designated place. Here our looks like :

Go Green
Go Green

Allah says: * “And whatever you do all of good, then Allah is all-knowing.” * (Al-Baqarah: 215).

From Jabir r.a. also, he says: Rasulullah s.a.w. said: “There is no muslim who plants a plant, but everything that can be eaten from the produce of his crop, then it is as alms to him, and whatever is stolen from it, it is as a sadaqah for him and neither is reduced by another, even as alms to him. ” (Muslim History) In another Muslim Imam’s narrative it is mentioned: “Then no one Muslim planted a crop, then the crop was eaten by humans or animals, or birds, unless they were as alms to him until the Day of Resurrection.”

In another Muslim Imam’s narrative it is mentioned: “Neither a Muslim planteth a plant, neither does he plant a plant, and it is eaten by man, or by animal, or by anything, but as a sadaqah . ” Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim narrated these Hadiths from the history of Anas r.a.

The World’s Benefits (dunyawiyah) from farming is producing production (providing food). Because in cultivating, which can take its benefits, in addition to the farmer itself is also the community and country. Take a look at everyone consuming the agricultural produce of vegetables and fruits, grains and crops all of which are their needs. They are willing to spend money because they need to the results of agriculture. So the farmers have benefited by providing the things that people need. So that the crops become a benefit for the community and multiply its goodness.

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