17 Essential Quality of Team Players

The Essential Qualities Of A Team Player is a book by John C. Maxwell. He is a leadership expert, author who has sold over thirteen million books. He is the founder of EQUIP and INJOY stewardship Services. In this book he explains how the attitudes that must be taken to move a team in achieving team goals. Success achieved is the success of the team is not the result of the individual.

17 Essential Quality of Team Players
17 Essential Quality of Team Players

In moving a team, he gives us 17 qualities that must be owned by us as team drivers. For now I will discuss 6 attitudes include :

Able to Adjust

One of the most adverse human weaknesses is non-flexibility. You can be calm, overcome fear. With confidence by eliminating laziness with disiplun. But there is no antidote for a rigid mindset. You will only destroy yourself

Flexibility is important in teamwork, without which cooperation is nonsense. The characteristics of team movers that have a self-adjusting attitude include:

  1. Want to learn
  2.  Feel comfortable
  3.  Creative
  4.  Oriented serving

The most important key for a team mover is to be willing to adjust to the team instead of expecting the team that adapts to you. Unless you learn after, if there are things that are less than the maximum, you can give suggestions for improvement.

Able to Collaborate

When all forces are united, all dangers are scattered ~ Hendry Wardsworth longfellow

Four things that a team mover should be understood in collaboration include :

  1. Treat teammates as collaborators instead of competitors
  2. Support teammates do not suspect them
  3. Import the team not yourself
  4. Create victories by multiplying your strengths

This attitude is quite difficult because it relates to the ego, helping teammates to achieve goals is one way to get the team to gain extra strength from you. But to do that, we must defeat our ego.


Once a person is truly committed, God will help. All the impossible things arose to guide him. A series of events occur because of a decision and for the good of it, all unexpected events and important meetings and help that no one dreams of coming to him ~ William H. Murray

Key points of commitment include :

  1. Commitment will be seen when difficulties hit
  2. Commitment does not depend on talent and ability
  3. Commitment is born out of choice rather than circumstance
  4. Commitment based on beliefs will survive.

Commitment is the foundation in a team. The stronger the commitment is made, the stronger the foundation that a team has.


If you are not fluent in speaking and writing, you are nobody.Every day you will be hurt by seeing people who have one-tenth of your ability or knowledge, but continue to step over you. – Lord Chesterford.

Understand, this team, many ideas here, we present to complement each other, although various ideas and ways exist but still one purpose. Characteristics of a communicative team include :

  1. Do not separate from other members of the team
  2. Easy to communicate by other team members
  3. Pay attention to potential problem-causing relationships

Honesty in opinion is important in the team. If we do not like to be frank, it’s unlikely that we can work together on teams.


Make sure you do have the ability, otherwise you will only hinder the team. Do the best you can. Learn and evolve all the time. People who have high competence have the following characteristics :

  1. Commit to excellence
  2. Never settle for mediocrity
  3. Pay attention to details
  4. Work consistently

Reliable – 17 Essential Quality of Team Players

“Do not be afraid of people who like to argue, but afraid of people who like to dodge” – Wolfram Von Eschenbach

The essence of being reliable according to John. C. Maxwell :

  1. Sincere intentions
  2. Responsibility
  3. A wise mindset
  4. Contribute consistently

As for the tips to train you to be reliable :

  1. Investigate your motives: you most know what you want
  2. Whether your words can be held
  3. Find someone who can keep you accountable

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