You Can Read A Face Like A Book

“You Can Read a Face Like a Book” is a book writen by Naomi Tickle. The most important of this book is actually this book is one of the reference for us to understand ourselves so that we can maximize our ability based on the weakness and excess that seen from physical form of anatomy of our body. Just like the book I’ve ever peeled both The 7 habits and 3rd Alternative, The 17 Essential Quality of Team Player which emphasizes self-improvement first, then we will find a way to understand others.

The point given from Naomi Tickle in this book is there are some important point in our body anatomy that describes how condition of our attitude, among others :

You Can Read A Face Like A Book
You Can Read A Face Like A Book

An Important Point in Anatomy of Our Body

  1. Asymmetrical Face: The characteristic of this face is that between the left and right sides of our face somewhat different in shape, people with faces like these tend to have mood swings. People with asymmetrical faces like this are people who have a passionate spirit at the beginning but after the journey his spirit will be reduced. By understanding this shortcoming, we can take what we will do if the spirit is reduced.
  2. Coarse Hair and Fine Hair: Rough-haired people tend to be insensitive to the environment around them, it is necessary to trigger and work hard so that we can make people with this type of hair sensitive to changes, otherwise people with fine hair are more sensitive to change- changes that occur around him.
  3. Sweet Finger Higher than the index finger and finger Higher than the fingers: People with higher fingers than index finger are very happy with high-risk things and vice versa are not happy or very away from things that smell high risk.
  4. Three Middle Fingers Equally Long and Three Middle Finger Different Length: These three middle fingers better describe our dexterity and dexterity. People who have three middle fingers of the same length tend to be more dexterous than those whose three middle fingers are different in length.
  5. Top End of the Thumb Approaching the First Finger Book of the Finger: People with this trait usually have emotions that are explosive, irritable, but their anger is quickly gone.
  6. There’s a Gap Between Fingers If Fingers are Gained: People with this characteristic, are fond of philosophical things.
  7. Long Legs and Short Legs: To know this, just look at whether your legs are longer than the body or vice versa. People who have legs longer than their bodies are very suitable to work behind the table otherwise short-legged people prefer to move and do not feel at home sitting for long.
  8. Eyes Shine and Without Brightness: From this eye the easiest trait we see, eyes that are always glowing are more interesting than those that do not sparkle.
  9. Narrow Distance Between the Eye and the Wide Distance between Eyes: How to measure it is to measure the width of each eye and then compare with the width between the eyes if the distance is the same as the person has a narrow distance between eyes and usually people with this characteristic do not have a tolerant attitude high.

You Can Read A Face Like A Book

These are some of the common features that are expressed in this “You Can Read A Face Like A Book” book. This book is very good in my opinion especially if we apply to understand our children’s attitude and how we take attitude to face and guide our children. Although this book claims this trait is accurate, but in my opinion it would be more accurate if it was practiced in more innocent and honest children. When growing up, this can change according to the development of our respective souls.

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